Cat Families Need To Know This Information

You must make sure you give a cat the right sort of care. Grooming a cat is not the same as grooming other pets, like dogs. You need to brush them, but not bathe them often. Read through this article if you would like to know how to take better care of your cat.
Keep your cat properly groomed. You can regularly brush or comb your cat. This will keep them sterile and aesthetically pleasing. Also, this can eliminate the constant shedding that you will deal with. A well groomed cat will be much more pleasant for everyone and will also help you keep your home clean.
Your cat’s claws can wreck havoc on your furniture. If your beloved feline friend is shredding and damaging parts of your home, try investing in a cat tower or a scratching post. Teach them to scratch on it instead of your belongings. Your cat will eventually understand they should only use the post or tower for scratching.
Keep your cat amused. Just like dogs, cats need playtime and physical exercise, too. The unfortunate thing is that many owners of cats don’t realize this. Cats that are frequently bored may develop OCD, depression or other harmful conditions. Give them time and space where they can exercise and toys they can play with. Provide them with an indoor climbing area or scratching post.
Most cats are very nocturnal. This refers to the fact that they are usually more active at night. Close your bedroom door if your cat is driving you nuts at night. This will keep them from attacking your toes.
Most cats spend a large amount of time on grooming themselves. If the cat has longer hair, it can be the cause of hairballs. If your cat needs assistance with this problem, consider a special diet. Certain cat foods are made just for decreasing hairballs, benefiting both your cat and yourself.
Set a tablecloth under your cat’s food bowl. Cat’s will often remove food from their bowl to eat it. That means you will have to tidy up the food left beside the cat bowl. The best thing for you to do is to have a place mat underneath the cat’s bowl.
Think over whether or not you should let your cat go outdoors. This could be harmful and unsafe. Your cat could get fleas or even worse parasites. Cats can be harmed by cars, people and other animals. If they have to go outside, make sure it’s a small area like your lawn or backyard.
Be cautious when leaving a kitten with children. Kids under five should not be left alone with a pet. Younger children cannot fully understand how to properly handle a small pet. As children grow, it will be easier to see if they’re mature enough to handle a cat.
Cats love being up high. To keep your cat happy, offer him a spot of his own up high where he can survey his kingdom. You can use a cleared shelf if you’d rather not have a cat tree. Put a blanket on it so they can rest peacefully.
Speak with other cat owners about any issues you may be having. Although you might want to take care of things on your own, advice from other people with cats can be a big help. There are many online cat forums that will help you get questions answered. You could also try asking your vet.
Brush your cat’s coat often. This keeps the fur well oiled and the skin healthy. Additionally, brushing helps to expedite hair shedding. This can reduce hairballs which can be harmful to a cat and build up in their stomachs.
Scratching Post
Don’t get rid of an old scratching post. To your cat the post is just right. Your cat might not want to use the new scratching post and start ruining your furniture instead.
Feed canned food to your cat. Dry food can be less costly, but there are quite a few benefits to canned food. Your cat will get more water and more vitamins and protein. It is easier for older cats to chew. Speak with your veterinarian before making any major changes, however in general, canned food is better for your cat.
Keep a collar with ID on your cat. This is even true for indoor cats. Cats are naturally curious and a door or window that’s open invites exploration. Include your vet’s info as well as your own on the tags. This is also vital if your animal has health issues.
If you want to buy a second cat, prepare for some time where the cats will be familiarizing themselves with each other. Two cats may fight, hiss, or hide from each other until they become more comfortable. However, if you allow them to slowly get used to each other, they will eventually become friends.
Certain foods may be fine for you to eat daily, but not for your cat. Some of these foods include garlic, grapes, onions and green tomatoes. They can really hurt a cat if ingested. Your cat should also steer clear of dairy products.
If possible, have your cat eat dry food. Kittens need wet food, though. Feeding your cat some dry food will help it grow strong teeth. Dry food and wet food can also be mixed together for a really finicky cat.
Grooming is the main factor in making your cat look great. You have the power to do whatever it takes to keep your cat looking like a healthy animal. The cat will love any grooming you do. Use this article to help take care of your cat efficiently.